As a responsible employer and service provider that works in the social housing sector on resident’s homes, it is important we continue to update our guidelines and policies on our response to the unprecedented pandemic,  COVID-19.  Our responses to Lockdowns 1 and 2 have worked well.  We are now of course in Lockdown 3 and have enhanced our response by introducing regular COVID tests for our workers and staff.

If you are a resident where works are about to recommence in your home, we want to reassure you of our commitment to safe working practises to reduce risk to you, your family and our employees.

In these unprecedented times we recognise the importance and our responsibility to social distancing, whilst providing our services. This shall be undertaken in a manner that shall not create unnecessary risk to our staff, clients, subcontractors and resident.

First and foremost, we continue to adopt and support Government guidelines within our working practises.  Please refer to the linked Government guidance on working in people’s homes.