Responsive Repairs

We recognise that the Responsive Repairs service is the one by which our clients and FPM are measured. The Response Repairs service impacts more customers at any one time, compared to a Capital Works or New Build project. There are so many moving parts on which we are judged, from how long it takes to answer the phone, ease of making an appointment, how the operative drives, how we communicate progress/delays – the list is very comprehensive. Here at Fosters we get this! We work closely with both Housing Associations and Local Authorities to deliver a 24/7 365 day reactive service, responding quickly to faults that can inevitably occur in our homes.

All of our experienced operatives specialises in a core trade and is supported through additional training in other aspects of service delivery to provide an excellent service to our customers when they need it most. A small problem becomes a major problem for the customer if the issue is not resolved quickly and to a high standard.

A highly satisfied customer is our number one priority. We strive to react quickly, turnaround the repair in as short a timescale as possible and achieve high levels of Right First Time. We recognise that 15% of our repairs requests are emergencies – to ensure success in this we dedicate multi-skilled emergency repairs teams with comprehensive imprest van stocks.


  A full 24/7 365 day service
  In-house call centre that specialises in response repairs
  Fully trained operatives with multi skilled support
  A commitment to resolve issues at the first point of call, including ‘soft fix’ where appropriate
  A fully integrated supply chain solution
  A dedicated team comprising Operational Staff, Compliance & Performance employees is allocated to each project
  Full integration with technologies and interfaces, including PDAs used to capture post inspection quality checks and customer feedback